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How much of each workday do your employees spend writing and answering email?


A recent Adobe study reports that white-collar workers spend, on average, 4.1 hours each day—perhaps half of the work day—on email. Rogers Editorial Services can help your workers use email more strategically and reduce time spent writing and answering email.

Expert Email Strategies is a two-hour training session that shows your employees how to

  • reduce workplace friction

  • improve professionalism

  • reclaim their workday


This training session covers

  • when to use and not use email

  • when to reply, reply all, cc, bcc, and forward

  • how to establish a polite, professional tone

  • when to use and not use attachments

  • how to write a compelling subject line

  • when to update your subject line in an email thread

  • how to structure emails so recipients act on them

  • how to use readability scores to better reach your audience

  • how to turn on spell check in your browser/email system

  • how to sign off

  • if desired, your company’s email policies

Expert Email Strategies

"At my job, writing emails is a pivotal part of how I reach out to both construction companies across the state as well as coworkers down the hall, and finding the right way to reach out to both with positive results can be a challenge. Kathryn’s training session gave us tools to help us communicate clearly and decisively, and to avoid the pitfalls of super casual or overly stuffy speech. I enjoyed the humor and levity of the examples and the presentation, and would recommend it to anyone, from individuals completely new to the workforce to longtime employees."

                                          —Adam S. at GrantWorks

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